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What to Expect After You Receive An Implanter Pen (known as DHI) Hair Transplant in Turkey

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

At Group Florence, we specialize in medical tourism to Turkey - particularly for men in search of hair transplants. Turkey has a fully modernized medical system, as good as any in Europe, but without the sort of prices, you typically see. We can help you receive a state-of-the-art Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) hair transplant in Turkey, at a fraction of what you'd pay here in the UK.

Implanter Pen (known as DHI) is currently the best option in hair transplants, with the best long-term results, but there will still be considerable recovery time. If you're thinking about DHI implants, here's what you should expect in the days and weeks after your treatment.

Recovering After A DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey

Immediately following the procedure, there will be redness and discoloration around both the donor area, as well as the transplantation area. Scabbing will follow. You'll be given a special headband to help prevent discomfort, and you will probably also be prescribed steroidal anti-inflammation drugs. Still, expect some inflammation in the first week.

The transplants will be most vulnerable for the first week. After five days or so, they will be fully "locked in place" and cannot be dislodged. So, at this point, you can interact with your new hair more, although it will still be tender.

Scabbing can last for up to a month. Don't worry about it, unless the scabs fail to fall off within that month.

Over the course of two weeks, visible signs of the transplantation, as well as lingering discomfort, will decrease. However, you may begin to see pimple-like bumps in the transplantation area. This is normal! Don't mess with them; they'll go away on their own.

After 3-4 weeks, you may actually see a small amount of hair loss. Again, this is normal. Remember, the purpose of DHI hair transplants is to transplant the follicle, not merely the hair.

This is part of the healing process, as your re-located follicles get ready to start producing natural hair again.

Finally, after approximately one month, you should be fully recovered. There might be a small amount of lingering redness, but it will go away shortly if it hasn't already. Otherwise, all discomfort should have passed, and your transplanted follicles should be producing natural hair!

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