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What to Ask When Considering Breast Enlargement in Turkey

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

More and more people are going to Turkey on medical tourism trips for plastic surgery. Turkey is an excellent destination because their major cities have medical facilities and surgeons who are as good as anywhere else in the world, but their lower cost of living means that procedures are much cheaper than in northern Europe. You could get a breast enlargement in Turkey for far less than at home!

When you opt for medical tourism, you'll be going through a specialist group who will set up the trip on your behalf. They'll handle all the paperwork, translation, and all the other logistical details. Part of this will involve a consultation to talk about the work you want to have done and learn more about the procedure.

These are some of the questions you should ask.

4 Questions to Ask Before Getting a Breast Enlargement in Turkey

1 - Where will my procedure be performed?

With Group Florence, patients are always provided all the necessary information regarding their procedure and they will always be informed where their operation will be taking place. Florence Nightingale Hospital in Istanbul is one of the most reputable hospitals in Europe and takes pride in customer service and quality.

2 - What size breasts are recommended for my body type?

A cosmetic surgeon wants to help you achieve your own ideal body - but there are still going to be some mitigating factors and limitations based on your body as it currently exists. In particular, the smaller your breasts currently are, the more invasive the surgery becomes if you want them to become significantly larger. Basically, it's much easier for someone with a B-cup to go up to a D-cup than for an AA-cup to do the same.

3 - What sort of scars will I have?

Modern breast augmentation surgery should leave minimal scars - but because incisions must be made, there will still always be some amount of scarring. This is often directly beneath the breasts, but in some cases, the incision can potentially be made in "hidden" places such as under your armpits. Either way, the scarring should factor into your decision about what type and size of implant to receive.

4 - What will aftercare be like for the surgery I've chosen?

As with the style of incision, the type and amount of aftercare that’s needed will depend on what type of breast implants you choose. Be sure to talk this over carefully! Full recovery usually takes a few weeks and you'll want to be prepared for that reality. The more invasive the surgery, the longer you will need to recuperate.

Group Florence Can Make Your Surgical Dreams A Reality

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