Eyebrow Transplant & Eyebrow Implant

Have you wished you could have fuller, thicker eyebrows?  Is age beginning to cause your eyebrows to thin?  Have you suffered from a medical condition that caused you to lose your eyebrows?  


If so, an eyebrow transplant might be the answer - and when you receive your eyebrow transplant from the skilled team at Group Florence in Turkey you can save a lot of money compared to the costs at home!


Here's what you need to know.


What Is an Eyebrow Transplant?


An eyebrow transplant - also called an eyebrow implant - is a cosmetic surgery designed to improve or replace a patient's eyebrows using hair from their own body.  It is a safe procedure with a short recovery time and one which can be obtained at significant discounts by having the procedure done outside of the UK or the EU.


What Happens in An Eyebrow Transplant?


The transplant is a safe procedure that can almost always be done in a single session, under only local anesthetic.  You won't be asleep, and the entire process usually only takes 2-4 hours.


The procedure uses a method called FUE, for Follicular Unit Extraction, which utilizes a specially made pen-like device that is capable of grabbing, extracting, and then re-implanting individual hair follicles.  The hair comes entirely from your own body, usually from hairs around the base of your hairline.  Both the donor area and your eyebrow areas are numbed. 


Then, one by one, the hair follicles are relocated from your neck to your eyebrow.

The device used in this procedure is so fast and accurate that your doctor can move several follicles every minute.  This allows them to improve your existing eyebrows, or even entirely replace them, in a very short amount of time!


What Happens Before Eyebrow Implant Surgery?


Before the procedure, you will have several consultations with doctors to help determine if you are a good fit for eyebrow transplantation and to understand the look you want.  Because your eyebrows will be rebuilt hair-by-hair, that means you could have any style of eyebrows you want!  You will be able to completely control the overall shape of your new eyebrows, and you will also have input into how thick or thin you would like the hair to be as well.  However, this will be somewhat limited by the availability of suitable hairs on your head, or elsewhere on your body.


Once you and your doctors have settled on the surgery, and the overall style of eyebrows you want, you'll be flown to Turkey to enjoy the sights while having your cosmetic surgery performed!


Who Is A Good Candidate for Eyebrow Implants?


Almost anyone who wants thicker, fuller or better-shaped eyebrows is potentially a candidate.  As this is a surgical procedure, you will need to be in good health, and smoking is highly discouraged.  If you have other medical issues, these may need to be resolved before the surgery can commence.


This can be an excellent solution for people who:

  • Are experiencing natural hair loss as they age

  • Have undergone chemotherapy or similar procedures which cause hair loss

  • Suffer from some forms of alopecia

  • Have over-plucked their eyebrows and damaged their natural follicles

  • Have scarring or skin trauma, such as from burns

  • Want a new look to their eyebrows


What Is Post-Care and Recovery Like for Eyebrow Transplants?


Recovery from an eyebrow implant is relatively easy.  The procedure itself is done under local anesthesia, so there will be no pain.  Some patients even fall asleep during the procedure.  Afterward, there may be some mild swelling or bruising, but this should be easily handled with some basic over the counter NSAID painkillers.  Any discomfort will be minimal and will go away within a few days at most.


Over the longer term, it will take a little while for your new eyebrows to fully grow in.  In fact, you may see some hair loss in the first few weeks after the procedure.  This is completely normal.  The point is to transplant the hair follicles, so even if you lose the hairs that were initially in those follicles, they will grow back.


After a few weeks, your transplanted follicles will start to regain normal growth patterns, and your new eyebrows will start to fully grow in.


How Do I Care for My New Eyebrows?


Eyebrow hair is not quite like the hair anywhere else on the body, so the transplanted follicles will need a little extra care.  In particular, the hair in these follicles will most likely grow in more quickly than regular eyebrows.  You will most likely need to trim your eyebrows more often.


Depending on the shape of the hair from the donor area, it may also be necessary to apply some mild curling for them to fully match the other hairs.


Overall, however, these are minor inconveniences and are easily adapted to.


Why Choose Group Florence For Eyebrow Implant Surgery


Group Florence specializes in helping people in the UK receive cosmetic surgery at affordable prices, by making use of our facilities in Turkey.  Our team spans both countries and are highly experienced at collaborating to create great outcomes for our patients.


Our Turkey locations have fully modernized facilities, on par with anything you will find in the UK or EU.  However, their prices are much lower.  This allows you to receive your surgery at a considerable discount, while also enjoying a trip to this beautiful country.


If you think an eyebrow transplant is right for you, but are concerned about the price, Group Florence can help!  Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.

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We treat this sensitive topic with the utmost discretion and privacy and we will never disclose your information to any third parties.  

There is absolutely no obligation until you are ready to move forward.