Alopecia Hair Loss: Its Common Causes & Treatment Methods

Did you know that one in five people have a family member that’s been affected by alopecia hair loss? It’s true, which is why the team from Group Florence is proud to offer affordable lasting treatment to this unfortunate form of hair loss.


Some Brief Facts About Alopecia

  • Although there is no cure for alopecia hair loss, treatments exist that help spur on hair re-growth more rapidly.

  • Alopecia areata develops rapidly and unexpectedly, often over the span of several days.

  • A common misconception is that it’s caused by stress.

  • People suffering from alopecia areata in just a few small patches often make a full recovery.


What Does Science Say About Alopecia Hair Loss?


Although science has yet to find a solid cause for such hair loss, many think that there are several contributing factors to alopecia, the first being that it’s thought of more as an autoimmune disorder. Unlike aging, which causes hair loss slowly and over longer periods of time, alopecia hair loss can develop rapidly, when a body’s autoimmune system is in confusion and disorder. Often, such confusion will cause the body to attack the hair follicles on the head, causing quick and significant hair loss in an incredibly short period of time.


Are There Treatments?


Unfortunately, scientists and medical practitioners have yet to find a cure for alopecia hair loss. However, there is a range of treatments available, the most common being the use of drugs and methods to stimulate hair growth and suppress the autoimmune system’s attack on hair follicles. Other methods, such as local injections, topical ointment, and photochemotherapy have also been used to some success.


Group Florence is equipped to offer a range of these treatments designed to help directly stimulate your scalp, improving blood flow and nerve response.


Living with Alopecia Hair Loss


There are steps those with alopecia hair loss can take to reduce its effects and protect their scalp, including:

  • Wearing sunscreen

  • Wearing sunglasses to protect the eyelids and eyelashes

  • Using headwear

  • Applying lotion to stimulate hair growth as well as keep important areas moist and healthy


Group Florence Can Help!


If you suffer from alopecia or alopecia areata hair loss, Group Florence can help you manage it and stimulate new hair growth.


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